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Saturday, February 26th, 2005

Time:1:20 am.
omg hehe.. wow haven't updated this in the longest.. anyway i was going through and found the pic of me, steven, and sayaka.. back in high school.. wow centerlinq... GOOD TIMES..

i have pictures up at photos.yahoo.com/bionictony
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Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Time:3:11 pm.
Mood: good.
wow.. livejournal didn't delete me. havent updated in a LONG time.

anyway, so i'm going to london to study abroad. i want a EUROTRIP experience... 65 days and counting.

halo 2.. 12 days and counting. hehe
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Subject:jan feb march update.. hahah
Time:9:52 am.
Mood: cheerful.
time to update and finals are over!. haven't updated in like forever. so.. earlier this year i went snowboarding with my sisters amy and ann. it was ann's first time snowboarding. and my 3rd time snowboarding. by the end of the day, ann was better than me. how sad. haha. pics were taken, i was covered with snow and ann wasnt. snow summit is way better than mountain high. the trip up the mountains are always nice. there's this feeling of seclusion up at big bear. kinda feels like im in everwood. so back at amy's apt there was halo on xbox. that game is addictive. definitely one of the coolest games ever.

chinese new year came at the end of janurary, the family did the regular routine of visiting relatives and temples. what's sad this year was that dad's uncle's wife had passed away. may she rest in peace.

i found out that flor ann was in the hospital.... and on life support. amy and i went to visit her at the harbor ucla medical center. when we got there we ran into some people i haven't seen since high school. there was kim, yas, julius, mike, amy, and others. so we're sitting there in that room, watching flor ann.. just breathing through the respirator. the nurse said she was brain dead. there was nothing that we could do except prey for her. her dad told us that she had lumpus and that she had contracted meningitus. and that's what brought her into the hospital. she'd been there since november. later i heard that they pulled the plug on her that night. may she rest in peace.

the 91 freeway sucks. it took 3 hours to get from gardena to riverside. damn traffic. so i stayed at amy's apt for a while and left for norma's 21st bday party. norma can buy alkihall now. hehe. she's so funny and gets buzzed so easily. hehe. so after the party i went back to amy's apt at 5pm.. there was this pomeranian doggy outside her apt barking at me. i find out that its mojo, tim's doggy from 2 blocks away. mojo must have gotten lost and found her way to amys apt. funny stuff.

so then an hour later i showered and got ready for dsp's retreat in big bear. the drive up was horrible. imagine going .05 miles per hour or slower up the mountain side. anyway this time it was just different. it didn't feel like california. it was snowing. somehow it felt like christmas. halo halo.. halo all over. dsp rented a house for the weekend. it was cool.. we got to play some games, eat, sleep, SNOWBALL FIGHTS, and do some bonding. it was awsome.

the past weekend i went home. it felt like i haven't been home for a while. it's cool just to do NOTHING and catch up on some sleep. so saturday i change the channel at 5pm to watch this old house on pbs. its this home improvement show. i'd always watch this show cuz its so cool. ann got mad at me changing the channel. on the show norm thanked mike for showing how to cut crown moldings. ann started talking to the tv, " you're not welcome mike." i laughed so hard at that. hahah. good times.

last week there was a sleepover/party at norma and maritza's. i saw a group pic of normas frat. alpha phi omega girls are cute. hehe. its a service fraternity. anyway we ended up staying up throughout the night, watching tv and playing drinking games early in the morning. i never knew 151 burned soooo much. that same morning we had an interclub with riverside in riverside. we planted 4 trees on some street. that night i went clubbing for the first time at club juicy in hollywood. that was pretty fun.

last weekend was my first time going to medival times. its this themed place in thats serves food and it takes place in medival times. that was pretty fun. the food was good. it was messy though. we had to use our hands to eat everything like uncivilized barbarians. so afterwards was a prefinals party in riverside. so this time norma, maritza, and jasmine were like we need to find you a girl to have fun with. which alpha phi omega girl do you want? haha. are they serious? i just want a nice good girl. so the morning after was a reading to kids project at gratts elementary. when they got rowdy i was like, "hey kids, quit being kids." haha that confused them and they behaved. its fun reading to kids.

so finals are over for me. spring break begins. im planning on going to the movies, the getty museum, the science center, hanging out and catching up, and shopping. anyone wanna go CHILL?
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Wednesday, December 10th, 2003

Time:6:24 pm.
i havent posted up here in so long.. i think the entire quarter at cal poly. to sum it all up.. i pledged for delta sigma pi, a business fraternity, got in after 10 weeks.. same old schoolwork. met new people. still single. still the same old tony. ha... i guess i'll update into detail now that finals are over and i have all this free time. but later. oh yeah. i'm still lookin fer a job too.
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Friday, September 26th, 2003

Time:2:51 pm.
i was reading the los angeles times the other day.. i read about this really old open since 1934 chinese restaurant that was on santa monica called formosa cafe.. the next day i was picking up a 256mb sodimm chip from some guy in west hollywood. right near his place was formosa cafe. i was like wow.. what a coinkidink

went to a concert on tuesday at the hollywood polladium with luc, joanne, and christine. there playing was chemistry(C), story of the year(A-) for karate haha), yellowcard(A), stun. stupid turtles, u know?(D-), and the fuckin used! (A+) haha anyway my ears are still ringing. anyway as usual the croud got rowdy and pushed back and fourth. a whole bunch of people fell on me.. and steped on me too. my arm! but yeah once u fall, people pull u up to make sure you're ok. they rock.
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Sunday, September 14th, 2003

Time:11:04 am.
leggo my eggo.. haha nobody tried to grab my eggos. i had ghetto eggos today. i had to flip the eggo to the other side cuz the toaster only works on one side in each slot. ha.. somehow they taste better in the afternoons than in the morning.
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Saturday, September 13th, 2003

Time:2:55 pm.
livejournal changed!!! haha it looks good though. anyway... went to vegas with the family a couple of weeks ago. everyone except dad went.. workaholic. but yeah. i haven't been to vegas in the longest.. back when i was there.. it was like 1987? almost 15 years.. it changed A LOT. hehe the family had lots of fun. the only thing that sucked was i couldn't gamble! mom and amy are addicted to slot machines. we hotel/casino hopped.. and mom kept on LOL while we were at rio's buffet. hahaha that was funny. you know when you bust out laughing for no reason? that's what mom did. haha that's where i get it from. "HAHAHALOLHAHALOLOLOLAHHA" dude.. ok so summer vacation finally started for me. and everyone else is starting school. moved back home after finals. amy moved back after her internship at the USDA in washington dc. the whole family back under one roof. crazy! ahha. i love to bother my sisters. ann just started high school at north torrance. i think thats a good school for her. but the people.. haha.. stuck up. at least it's better than a ghetto school. her first day i took her to school. mom's taking advantage of the fact that i'm home. "TAKE ANN TO SCHOOL" so like waking up at 7am is a first in a really long time! i think it's a first for the year 2003. so ann's scared. my first advice, "ann.. go up to the most popular girl and punch her!!... oh wait.. that's what you do in jail" lol?! oh yeah. gas prices are so damn high. sooner or later, people are gonna start stealing gas from the rich.. or suv's.. cuz they carry a lot of gas.. haha.
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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

Time:10:59 pm.
breakfast was yummy. i made myself a garfield style sandwich. too big to bite through all at once. hehe.

summer is going by pretty quick. and with summer school.. it all seems harder than normal. i dunno why.

earlier this summer.. i posted a things to do list.. i dont think i've even done half of the things on that list.

get a job <--still searching! christine says i'm too picky
after the job.. first paycheck.. fake ID. hehe <---nah.. i'll just wait till 21 like everyone else does
road trip!! <-- las vegas.. woo hoo. that was fun.
paintball <-- in the fall
magic mountain, knotts, disneyland <-- magic twice.. good enough.. hehe
clubbin <--- nah.. when im older..
girlfriend?!?!? <-- from what i hear.. they're just too much maintenance. just kidding.
go to a comedy club <--- the laugh factory.. that was fun.
clean up my room <-- its clean enough
concerts <-- went to warped. got sunburnt... next time.. indoors.
just have fun =)

additions to the to do list..
haha.. get ANY job?
rule the world
learn to fly
upgrade to os x
more later i guess.
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Monday, August 4th, 2003

Time:3:09 pm.
i’m driving home on the 10 freeway going west over kellogg hill. the sun was about to set. haze shaded the sun and rays of light flared from the clouds. kinda angelic. everyone should at one point or another, watch a sunset. it’s good for the soul. sunrise? ehh.. maybe. but i’m not a morning person. ha

im listening to one of the coolest songs ever.. semi charmed life by third eye blind. it brings back a lot of memories. I decided to make “tony’s soundtrack” its cool. U should listen to it

alantis morissette – ironic
baz luhman - everybody's free (wear sunscreen) <-- damn. Wear sunscreen or else you’ll get burnt!
richard marx & donna lewis – at the beginning
beastie boys – girls <---yup. gotta love girls
bic runga – sway
beach boys – california girls <--this song was soo cool when it was on k-earth 101
the cartigans – love fool
coyote shivers - sugar high
cranberries - dreams
debbie gibson – locomotion
the ataris – summer of 79
freestyle – don’t stop the rock
ashley ballard with so plush – it was you
gin blossoms – till i hear it from you
inoj – all i want
the jets – crush on you
the juliana theory - dj
spice girls – wannabe
ace of base – the sign
jamiraquai - virtual insanity
all american rejects – the last song
utada hikaru - hikari
jon bon jovi – its my life
letters to cleo – i want you to want me
lion king – hakuna matata
phantom planet – somebody’s baby
ghetto superstar
paula cole - i dont wanna wait
alphaville – forever young
sheryl crow - my favorite mistake
smashing pumpkins – perfect
the juliana theory - pictures, stars, and dreams
jealous sound- what's wrong is everywhere
run dmc vs. jason nevins – it’s like that <-the music vid is just SOO old skool and rad
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Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

Time:10:52 pm.
ibook.. yay =)
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Saturday, July 26th, 2003

Time:2:39 am.
it's been a long time since i've written.. soooo.. heres what ive been up to: jury duty(too damn long), tapioca express(i miss boba!), statewide inspections interview, summer school(sucky sucky), IPC(good old days), in and out, kiwanis luncheons, maxim cafe, eBay(i'm a dickted to you), arcadia, monrovia, chino demolition derby, how to lose a guy in ten days(rad), the rocketeer, sams club, costco, manhattan beach, magic mountain(awsome), office depot, boba loca, jun, how to deal(awww), fatburger shakes, coldstones(LoL), shun fat, tapioca express, hollywood video
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Saturday, July 12th, 2003

Time:2:55 pm.
daMn.. someone should make thermal hair styling gel. that'd be really cool.. my spikey hair would be a huge heatsink. ha... haha...

so yEa.. warped tour was really cool. really freakin hot too. got burnt.. got hurt in mosh pits. all fun though. saw the ataris, the used, sum 41, listened to rufio, pennywise, and thrice. i'll have pics up by next week though.

this upcoming weekend, on Saturday... July 12th, me and a few of my friends are gonna have a get together at my place. basically, joanne's friends, christine's friends, and my friends.

soooOo.... if you're reading this... you're invited.

we'll begin the partAy at around... 11pm or so... and play games and what not . i don't have anything in mind... sooOo... pretty much.. everything goes. if yall decide to come, byobc (bring your own booze and chairs) hA. everyone is invited.. bring your friends.. but no gansta wannabes or anybody thats ghetto. i dont want trouble.

i really oppose the presence of drugs like pot. but i dont mind if you get high before you get here. there are occasional police drive bys around here, and it's illegal to have pot in the first place... i know this is sorta like a catch 22.. but alchohol and cigs are ok. pot's just not. it's just me. soo i'm tellin yall that now. but PLEASE... i'm gonna be responsible if anyone gets caught with that shit.. if yall decide to get tipsy.. make sure to be with someone who will drive your ass home... if i see your ass drinking and driving, i'm taking your car keys. if you need to sleep over, sleep over then.

ha.. heres a funny chat with jimmy.. i couldnt copy and paste from aim express so heres the reintypement..
jimmy: bryan says that you should have a emergency plan if anything goes wrong.
tony: dont worry i do.. i'll just call 911 if anything goes wrong.
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Saturday, July 5th, 2003

Time:1:02 am.
daymn. it just gets hotter and hotter day by day every summer. its pyro day today. haha in my neighborhood theres a lot of m80s goin off right now. this family's doin fireworks on july 6th. daytime maybe. heh. we're wierd like that. yea..

so this summer i'm taking summer school at cal poly. ibm 302, ibm 411, and mhr 318. mostly consumer behavior and marketing strategies. no job yet. what a bum. bummer. haha my schedule's pretty funny too. tuesday and thursday - 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm. wednesday - 8pm-10:30pm. 6 hour gap on tuesdays and thursdays. haha theres the bum crew.. christine, grace, cathy, angelica, derrick. ha....

i just started my dvd collection. i got the rocketeer off ebay. where else? hehe yeah. it was a really cool retro movie the last time i saw it about 10 years ago. that movie had a bad influence on me. i got hurt.. real bad pretending to fly with my old school skateboard. now a days, i've got to be careful not to hurt myself. i don't heal fast like i used to. i'm an old old man.

i need a job. time to get off my ass on monday and call up some people i found on monstertrak. i want to work for roma trading in walnut. job description: pack merchandice in warehouse to ship by ups. hehe pack that shit. lol. lol. =D

i'm lookin forward to the warped tour this friday.. so who's goin?
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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003

Time:12:48 am.
stop it come on you know i can't help it
i got the mic and you got the mosh pit
what will it take to make you admit that you were wrong...

damn.. the traffic in los angeles is horrible in the afternoon. its freakin hot too.

last friday was beth's graduation.. we brought a pot and a mallot to bang and be ghetto. heh. ryan her boyfriend was there. i remember seeing them at their north high key club banquet about 5 years ago.. when i was a freshman and they were seniors.. hehe and ryan still had the same hair cut. haha. makes ya think. where has all those 5 years gone?

i came home about an hour ago. my mom looks at me weird. hi mom. silence.. then mom goes why are your toenails blue? i'm like oh shit. i walked around all day like this!!! so i just say my friends were bored so i let them paint it. hehe? mom says crazy boy... and goes about her business.
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Saturday, June 14th, 2003

Time:7:28 pm.
more pics up... photos.yahoo.com/bionictony

done with finals! yay! summer school in about a week. eek! oh well.. i think i did pretty good this quarter. anyway last week was a pre final party at norma and martizas. hehe that was superriffic. met new people, learned new games, watched videos. its always fun at their place ;)

tuesday was a trip to san diego with christine and maritza. destination: ucsd aquarium... us: lost. they're like the only girls i know that refuse to ask for directions. hehe. we finally got there and it was nice. that place is like the aquarium of the pacific in long beach. after that christine went to the hyatt hotel to get map of fun things to do in sd. haha they refuse to talk to people that look like bums.. anyway, we went to the gaslamp which is kinda like old town pasadena. we ate at rei do gados.. brazilian bbq food. it was good stuff. bring on the meat! afterwards.. foodcoma. haha. watched the itallian job. it was good. almost like the movie oceans eleven. intelligent 5 fingering. hehe.

took my final final on thursday. after the final i helped christine move stuff out. boxes of stuff kept on coming out of her room and it still looked "normal" ahahha. nighttime was ghost hunting at some place in claremont. it was freakin dark. it was also friday the 13th and omg a full moon too. word of mouth says that you see floating rocks and other freaky stuff. didnt see anything though.

ehh.. its hot back here in LA. family's about to go eat dinner. amy's going to leave for washington dc tomorrow morning. this year went by fast...
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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003

Time:1:13 pm.
last week was fun.. went to benihana's for christian's bday. II DESU NE.. benihana is the place where i use my 3 years worth of japanese from high school.. haha but yeah.. the show was good. the food was good. but expensive! i caught a shrimp in my mouth. took pics.. they'll be up later. everyone went kareokeing afterwards..

also finally got job applications from the west covina mall. in the evening christine invited me to the business admin. banquet.. i was at the pomona mining co. its a really nice place to have banquets and stuff. the view and the food was cool. went to the laugh factory afterwards. omg its hilarious. we went to this show: Experience "Midnite Madness" with host Sheena Metal - where the inmates definitely run this asylum. i said her name looks like she's the woman that never shaves.. looks like she doesnt too. HAHA? the program doesn't say much about what they're gonna talk about. she started off with "hey, does anybody want to adopt this kat? someone threw it out of a car passing by, if no one adopts it, i'll take it home and it will have to see me naked tonight." eww. anyway it would have been more hilarious if she had said, "adopt this kitty, or it'll see DEATH tonight cuz i'm gonna eat it!" they talked about SEX about 90% of the time.. or when you talk about sex too much.. it kinda gets boring. you have to incorporate stupidity into it hehe.. like what went wrong during sex.. but yeah.. thats what loveline is for. The big fat guy was funny. i forgot his name but he was hilarious. the funniest joke was when this guy was talking about when you're high and you talk back to road signs, "no.. YOU turn!" hehe. i'd like to see chris rock on stage. that guy is funny.

saturday was fullerton's banquet at corona del mar. it was cloudy.. then sunny. i tanned and burned. christine's frat delta sigma pi was also there. just chilled. went kareokeing again.. they should have more songs.. like dynamite hack.. crusin down the street in my 64, jockin the bitches, slappin the hoes.. would have been a funny song to sing.

got class now later yo
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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

Time:5:28 pm.
don't hurl on the shell dude.. i just waxed it. finding nemo is gonna be a funny movie.

oh yeah. i'm 20 now. it just hit me. thats fucken cuhhhrayyyzee

sooOo... i saw christine do this a while ago... so, i'm gonna be cool like her, and i'm gonna post my things to do and etc list:

get a job

after the job.. first paycheck.. fake ID. hehe

road trip!!


magic mountain, knotts, disneyland



go to a comedy club

clean up my room


just have fun =)
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Monday, May 26th, 2003

Time:2:04 am.
i want a job for the summer.. so tuesday i'm going to the career center.

i made a resume. sucks ass. objective: i come in 6 different flavors ;) hehe. the font's pretty though.

saw x2.. it was B+
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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003

Time:4:28 pm.
ok so friday was a super busy day. i got a psone on ebay and picked it up from some guy selling it. mpk is freakin crowded with cars. damn.. some people should just walk. anyway from there i went to oc.. uci was having their thing at the bj's in tustin. afternoons are the worst time to drive in southern cali. sucks major ass. there was traffic all the way there. but yeah. that shopping center on jamboree is rad. uci had their thing in the back. their show was entertaining hehe. afterwards was some car scavenger hunt where everyone went looking for like.. a napkin from mcdonalds and 22 other items on the list.. didnt do that though. eric, lyndon, and jason didnt want to do that so they followed me and jack to riverside. later on, grace, christine, cathy, and lorraine came.. afterwards i forgot what happened so heres what happened through the eyes of sober christine...

All I can say is, I never had soo much fun watching other pple get drunk while I'm slurping my coke!! It was the funniest thing ever!! Because Anthony's not a sad or mad or sleepy drunk! He's Mr. Drunk Personality. For instance, Anthony takes shots by himself. He runs and jumps his sister. He smacks his own butt and says, "You know you want some!" He says alcohol tastes like water. He says he's good looking. He wants more alcohol. He wants more drinks. He points out that there's 4 girls and 1 Tony. He wants to go driving. He demonstrates to walk straight. He can't stop giggling and laughing... and the memories go on!!!

me? good looking? no way hehe. i'm wayyy better at taboo and guesstures now. anyway.. good times. thanks everyone hehe

on saturday ucr had their thing at castle park in riverside.. aka mini knotts berry farm. cuz of the 1/3 size supreme scream. didnt go on some rides cuz they were annoying.. they just throw ppl in circles. that was fun. afterwards was a party at norma's and maritza's apt. the party was rad.. there was freaking and butt smacking and just hanging out. partay was fun. thanks ucR

some pics are up.. me upload more later
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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003

Time:5:10 pm.
happy birthday tony! my response.. thanks.. hehe or take it back! i want to stay 19!

well last night was just a dinner at tgifridays. what day is it today? friday! it was pretty fun. guess what the restaurant did to me? they tied balloons to my arms and i wore a toilet seat cover that said "it's my birthday." i got blackened chicken alfredo. it was YUM. hehe =) i also got a pink a purple hello kitty birthday cake. omg it had 20 magical candles that never went out. hehe. i also got pink frosting all over my face. yuck. oh yeah stuff happened in the parking lot afterwards. hehe anyway i had a good time. thanks guys =)

oh yeah and that party at riverside has been moved to friday night!
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